Our Mission

Sunvalley Baby started from the realisation that our children are living in a world that is changing at a rate we've never experienced before.

Today's world is bursting with new information and innovation, many of which allows us to provide our little, loved ones with countless opportunities for development. Making these innovations easily accessible is why Sunvalley Baby was created.

The opportunity to connect families with information and products that will stimulate, comfort, entertain and improve their quality of life is something that we really cherish. This is why we focus so closely on our key principles:

Customer Service - Your experience with us can be as simple as a few clicks before a Sunvalley Baby order arrives at your doorstep, or it can be a dialogue of information, advice and guidance through our store. Want to find out for yourself? Go ahead - send us a message! 

Value Packed Products - An exclusive, ever-expanding product range, each offering a unique range of benefits for both you and your little ones.

Transparency - We think of our Sunvalley-ers like family. That means we're honest, upfront, clear throughout communication and we never share your personal information with anyone. 

Sunvalley Baby is a stepping stone between your child today, and their full potential.

Take a step with us today.